DropdownDivConverter not refreshing content when using the pagination on a template grid

Good Morning, we have just been running into an annoying issue. We have a template grid where each entry has a DropdownDivConverter. When I use the pagination of the template grid, the content of the dropdowns is still referring to the objects of page one. If I directly navigate to the last page, it works as expected but If I only navigate to the next page, I always get the content of page one. Did yomeone already run into the same issue? Does someone have a workaround for this?
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Hi Andreas,

The version in the App store (1.5.1) seems not up to date with the content of the GitHub Repo. There is a fix included. https://github.com/mendix/DropdownDivConverter/commit/c5417e20308264edcbeaa244738eeeb51ab36b39

Please rebuild the widget from source to fix your problem. 

I hope the someone from Mendix can release the fix in the app store all users

Cheers, Andries