Legend Overlaps Chart - Change Width and Height Settings?

Hi – I am using a pie chart widget (one of Mendix’s delivered ones), and the legend is overlapping the pie chart. I really need to show the legend, and it’s above the pie chart but cutting off the first third or sometimes even half of the pie chart, depending on how large the legend is. I see under the pie chart properties > Appearance tab, settings for “Width” and “Height.” Are there optimal settings for these to prevent my legend from overlapping the pie chart? Or are there other settings to look at? Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to do a lot of trial-and-error. Second question: is there a way to make the colors in a pie chart consistent? I have multiple pie charts on my page with similar data except different xpath constraints applied to each chart, and I’m finding if the number of slices vary, the colors by slice are not consistent. Any insight/tips much appreciated on the two questions above (legend truncating chart, and how to make legend colors consistent). Thanks
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Hi SL,

You can able to apply width and height by adding the below class to your custom.scss and compile it to add those css in custom.css file. 

.svg-container {

position: relative;

width: 1200px;

height: 350px;