In HTML-widget my sozi presentation keeps spinning

Sozi is a tool that generates an html-file containing everything it needs to run in any browser. So I decided to try this in the html-widget, but unfortunately, it shows the first 30px, and then just keeps spinning waiting for the rest. Browsing through the browser console, I see no logs of any error. So I need some help: Does anyone know how I can get the sozi-presentation running inside my app? This is the setting of my html-widget: You can see the app here: You can see the standalone presentation here: Running on version 8.12.1    
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Hi Tim , 

By opening the application with the provided link, I can able to see a basic layout of the sozi-presentation by adjusting the height of the HTML Snippet to 600px.

  1. Consider providing a height and width to the div which contains the sozi presentation in such a way that it can fit inside a mendix page. 
  2. Kindly check if the Js linked to the html files are all added to the folder where the html file is present. 


I am attachig a screenshot of the page from your application here. 



Hey Tim, 

Checked your files and I am able to use PresOneTwo.sozi.html when called using a Iframe inside HTMLSnippet.  

<iframe src="PresOneTwo.sozi.html" style="height:800px;width:1200px;"></iframe>


I am wondering why the same html file is not working when called as an external file.