display data view based on attribute or based on expression

Hi, I have a non persist entity object(Redirector) which have two attributes(URL, DisplayURL). I am passing this entity object(Redirector) to page, I am able to display passed  value within dataview widget. But I want dataview get displayed based on condition. If the DisplayURL is true then display the dataview widget, or do not display the widget itself. The problem is when I try to add the add a condition for dataview based on attribute value it always been in not editable mode as shown below.   Question: How dataview can be displayed based on condition from the currentobject which get passed to the page?  
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I saw your another ticket and responded there too. 

  1. Check if you really want the DisplayURL attribute
  2. For URL redirector we only need 1 attribute that is URL itself, which you already have.


To answer the question in this ticket:

  • You could not do this without another dataview on top it, which is too cumbersome 
  • You can show or hide dataview based on default values like true or false or based on roles or based on attributes
  • If you do display the dataview your redirection also does not work


Looking at both your tickets, I am really not sure what you are trying to achieve. 


1.Add a container inside the dataview and place the URL redirector inside it

2.Now add the visibility condition based on your need

Hope this helps!