Move data from one list view 2 another list view

Hi, I need  one list view  in which there are list of items when I select multiple Item  from   list one  and click on button then it should be  place in second list view and hide from first list. Both list view are on the same page.  It’s like a toggle on multiselection hide from one list and written to second list. How can I do this?  Is there any widget available? Thanks in advance
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Can you use a datagrid instead? Datagrids natively support multiselection so you can have your two filtered grids, with a button that runs a microflow to update your selected objects in such a way that they no longer show in the first grid, but they show in the second.

If you need to use listviews, then I’d suggest using a Helper entity: create a new non persistent entity with a reference set to the entity you need to move from list to list. On your page, have a dataview of your new Helper entity, and inside, show your two lists. each time you select an item from list A, run a nanoflow to add that object to the reference set of your helper object. Then, a button can run and move all the associated items over to the other list.