how to set listen to widget selection after custom search result

Hi All, I am implementing a custom search in which I have made it via temporary entity .So on left side I have a list view (of entity say A) and on right side I have a data view of that temporary entity (say B) . Inside it(on right side) is nested and has a data view(of same entity as that of the left side panel i .e. A )and its data source is listen to widget(List view of LHS) and inside that data view , I have a list view of some other entity(say C).So now when I perform any action such as search or sending mail ,the problem I’m facing is that the page reloads and it navigates to the first element of A(in LHS). But I don’t want it to happen. I even tried passing an object of A in C but it didn’t work. Is there any way to notify the gird automatically rather than manually that on basis of which particular object I want to search or any way that I can select the object from the list while using listen to widget?        
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