Error in path should contain at least one step while using BootStrap MultiSelect Dropdown

I havea data view and under that a list view of content entity. Under the list view I have to create a multi select dropdown for Content-MultiContentName. For multiselect dropdown I am using BootStrap Multi Select widget from appstore. Below is my Domain Model. For configuration of BootStrap Multi Select below is the screen I am not sure what other configuration I need to set for the multi select drop down. I am getting below error Help at the earliest will be much appreciated.   Regards, Amit Sharma
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Hi Amit,

Please refer my answer for the following (for *-* association)

For selecting the multiple objects through self reference, you have build a custom logic with the helper object.

That helper object (ContentHelper) can be connected with your Content entity with 2 association, 

  1. ) 1 to 1 association with Content (to have a helper for every content)
  2. ) * – * association with Content (for multi-selection)

Use new data view inside your Content object with microflow as datasource returning the ContentHelper Object (create/retrieve activities)

Configure the BootStrap MultiSelect Dropdown inside the new dataview ContentHelper (by using the *-* with Content objects)



the path should contain at least one step is mean like we need to select the reference entity of an association made of M-M or of 1-1, which gives references to have the selectable values on to it. 


Hi Amit, as Ananthi’s answer suggests, your domain model needs to look like this to use the Bootstrap MultiSelect:

You need to have a BaseEntity with a reference set that points to SelectableThing. When you’re selecting items from the dropdown, the items you select will be stored as references in this reference set.