Make text visible based on $CurrentObject/Location

Hi, I have a request object with several locations. When the user selects a certain location over the reference selector, a simple text should appear. So I set the visibility of the text based on a expression for $CurrentObject/Location = ‘Location A’  but nothing happens. The text is still invisible, when the user chooses ‘Location A’.   Thanks for your ideas. :-)
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Hi Tjark, 

The issue is with the client to have a updated object for the visiblity condition to work. So, 

  1. Add a OnChange Microflow to the reference selector inside which have a change object activity to refresh the input object in client.


This should do the trick. 



Don’t really get the sentence “ request object with several locations” because you continue with “When the user selects a certain location over the reference selector” That implies a 1-* relation and thus a single location selected using an association. 


If you want to show a text when a location is selected using a ref selector you can use the following expression to show it conditionally;

$CurrentObject/[TheAssociationYouUseToSelectThe_Location] != empty