App Events Widget in Native Mobile Application

I am using the App Events widget in a Native Mobile Application. There are 5 Events: App events – Page load On Load App events – App Resume On Resume Network event – Online Go Online Network event – Offline Go Offline Timer Events – Timer On Timeout When I was testing this locally I wanted to see what I could do with this widget. I attached a different microflow to each of these 5 events to see what would trigger. Only 2 events would trigger a microflow: App events – Page load On Load Timer Events – Timer On Timeout   My question is, when the application is deployed and online, will it be possible to do anything with the other 3 events?  Thanks  
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Build an APK and try it out is what I would say ;) The answer is yes, the other events do work (at least the last time I checked)

You can create a custom developer app by following this link

PS. you can still test this locally. Since it's a native app, it does not have to be online for the events to work. Just use an actual apk, and not the make it native app.