Retain value of reference selector

Hi, In the home page, I have a reference selector. On changing the value of the value of the reference selector, it displays some information on the page. There I also have a button, when I click on that button a new page is opened. Now, I want that when I close that page, the value of the reference selector should retain on that page(i.e. home page) How can I achieve this on the home page where the data view does not work and page is loaded through microflow.
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In order to save the value you set in the reference selector, it needs to be committed to the database.  Then, when you re-open the page with the reference selector, you need to retrieve the database record that you committed.

If you can post some screenshots, I can try and provide suggestions specific to your app.


You could create an association between the object with the reference selector and the user object (Administration.Account or a specialization if you use one).  On your home page, have a dataview that calls a microflow to get the current user.  Inside of this dataview, you can display the object with the reference selector.