Date picker

Hi all, if I choose a date with the date picker, in the database, the information is date and time ,though I have set the date format only on date. See picture below. Can anybody tell me, how to change this? Thanks Siegfried
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Please read this:

The options only influence rendering the data. It does not influence the data capturing. 

Both date and time will be captured by the widget and you cannot change it.

What is possible is, you could just set to show date in all view screens. And Showing date is the default option


Sadly, you can’t. 

Mendix always save in datebase date and time. 

Try to put your attribut in the Domain Model to Non-Localized.

And when you need to check the data behind always check with the day-from-datetime and month-from-datetime and year-from-datetime functions.

For further informations ,see