Data Grid search parameters required

Hi, I am wondering if anybody has already managed or knows how to make the search parameters on a data grid a required field. In my design the default for my data grid is to show no data so user has to press search button to display records. For some search parameters I would like them to have to input/select a value. is there a way to make the search parameters on a data grid a required search value?   Thanks    
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Hi David,

If you are using datagrid, you can do the following

- in the datasource tab, under the bottom you can see this option

- When you select Show search bar -> With button (initially open)

- then say Wait for search, application already triggers a kind of validation message for the search filters

Hope this helps.



Unfortunatly at this point there is no way of doing this out of the box.

You could create your own search structure wiith a helper entity which has the search field as attributes. Then with a microflow you would preform the search and show the outcome in a datagrid.

Or use a widget like this: this also needs a helper for the search functionality but does some of the searching for you.