Issue noted for Chinese Characters while saving into system(using CKEditor for Mendix Add-on widget)

Team, We are using “CKEditor for Mendix” Add-on widget for Rich Text Editor(Description field) in our application. There is an issue observed after user key-in Chinese characters and saving into system. Once the page gets re-load, few words of Chinese chars are missing/dis-appear. This is an intermittent behaviour noted. Though we are not seeing any pattern for this issue, but its happening frequently. Kindly pls let us know, if anyone has suggestion to identify the issue pattern or aware of solutions for such issues.   Thanks.
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Here are some basic rules to keep in mind when attempting to store multi-lingual data. While storing Unicode data, the column must be of Unicode data type (char, varchar, nchar, nvarchar, etc).


Another is that the value must be prefixed with N during insertion (see below...could prove difficult in Mendix).

Insert into YourTable values (N'Your String of Chinese Chars')


Finally, verify the charset for the database is stored properly.


Storing multiple language data is tough if you don’t have access to the database or don’t write a direct query into it. I hope this at least helps guide you in the right direction.