Populating Dropdown dynamically

Hi Experts, I am getting a list of json objects from a rest api into a variable which is in a microflow and now I want to display these list of values as key, value pair in dropdown dynamically. Currently the dropdown created and associated with an enumeration.  Is there a way to populate dropdown with list of values dynamically? or is there a way to change enumeration dynamically using microflow?    Your help is appreciated. 
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A dropdown widget is only compatible with an enumeration attribute type. If you want to select an object you need to:

  1. Replace the dropdown widget with a reference selector
  2. Ensure you have an association between the entity of which you display an object in the dataview and the entity you capture the return of the Rest API.
  3. Connect this association to the reference selector
  4. If the return of the Rest API is stored in the database you are good to go.
  5. If the return is not persisted, then the Rest API should be called as datasource of the reference selector.
    Be aware that if you reference non persisted data, the reference will be lost if the referenced object isn’t persisted!

If your dropdown is a reference selector, you can select an object from a list. You can customize the list of selected objects by xpath or you can create a microflow for this.




The reference selector only work in Uni directional

Where an Entity S stored in DB is linked to another Entity Q of page parameter in 1-* relationship
S - 1 and Q - *.

I have a page parameter Entity Q and has multiple enitity of S linked to Q and want to show case the dropdown with S params
Q 1- S -*.
This combination is not working in Reference selector.

Is there a solution for the reverse order.

Karthik VAJJA