Sorting and Filtering on calculated attribute for a ticketing tool Mendix application

Hi All, We have built a ticketing tool application in Mendix. We are using a data grid with xpath datasource to display tickets (20 in a page) and the system is doing real time calculation for SLA/Aging column via calculated attribute. There is a use case in the application to support sorting and filtering on the SLA. Is there a way sorting and filtering on the SLA column can be achieved without having impact on the performance since the system will hold huge volume of tickets.
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Calculated attributes are not really a fine type to use…

Since they are not in the database, out of the box searching and filtering cannot be done. Also performance is affected. Especially when you have a large dataset.

I understand that the value is a real-time value and thus a calculated attribute is quite logical. Though I’m wondering; HOW real time is it? depending on minutes, hours, days? In the case of days you might opt for a stored value which is updated in a scheduled event to store the updated value . Not the most beautiful solution, but if helps you to increase speed and options for the users.