Data via association only shown when also retrieving via Microflow

I’m beyond believe that, after lots and lots of debugging why my child-object (1-1)  is not showing, I discovered the object only shows when I put an adjacent data view by microflow (solely retrieving over association), next to a dataview retrieving over association directly. In any other situation, this object seems to be empty, unless I refresh the page after opening the page itself. If I remove that datasource microflow from the page and be left over with a data view over association, the object is unavailable.  Has anyone else experienced something similar or has ideas to further debug the issue? I noticed the issue back in 7.21 and currently running 8.13 with the same issue still persisting. Image solel
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This is experienced by me as well, i believe the reason might be the Data view has the data source type as context and that context will work for first level object in the case of 1-1 association, but in the case of data view in a list view it works fine..