List view is not visible after adding AutoLoadMore widget right below the list view

Requirement: List should load more records upon scroll down.  Solution: I found a widget “AutoLoadMore” from appstore which we need to place it under list view and have to pass List view name to it.  Issue: After adding the “AutoLoadMore” widget, my list view gets disappear. I could see list view / records from chrome inspect (Dev tools) but it’s invisible.  Adding to the issue: AutoLoadMore widget applies a class “mx-listview-auto-load-more” on to the List view. In inspect when I remove this class on listview, it’s visible without auto load feature. Please help how to make list view visible with the above class applied.
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Tested it in 8.14

Listview still visible here, though default load more button is gone :-S

Widget seems to be broken for latest versions of Mendix.

Provide your feedback via the GIT repository or even contribute to it as valuable community member