[Native Mobile] Format String Widget

Hi everyone, I am trying to do a POST using the format string so that I can be redirected from my mobile app to the payment gateway. This works for the Android app but the Format String widget does not render the button on the iOS app. Below is the Display String used for the Format String widget. <FORM method="post" name="ePayment" action="API URL">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="MerchantCode"  value="${MerchantCode}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="PaymentId"  value="${PaymentId}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="RefNo"  value="${RefNo}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="Amount"  value="${Amount}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="Currency"  value="${Currency}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="ProdDesc"  value="${ProdDesc}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="UserName"  value="${UserName}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="UserEmail"  value="${UserEmail}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="UserContact"  value="${UserContact}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="Remark"  value="${Remark}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="SignatureType"  value="${SignatureType}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="Signature"  value="${Signature}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="ResponseURL" value="${ResponseURL}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="BackendURL" value="${BackendURL}">  <INPUT type="hidden" name="ActionType" value="${ActionType}">  <INPUT id="iPayBCBtn" type="submit" value="Bind card" name="Submit">  </FORM>  And below is how I built my page on Studio Pro : My question is, why does this Format String widget not show the submit button for iOS when it shows for Android? iOS : Android : If anyone has any information on this would be great. We are using Mendix Studio Pro 8.12.1 Thank you. Regards Kevin
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