Error with colomn chart

Hello, so here’s the issue we are having. We are planning to get a column chart made from a list of 2 different entity attributes which are Rack/Rack(String) and Top_2/Field1 and store those values in Graph as shown below. We tried creating a microflow where it sorts the graph of Rack(String) and puts it in this loop where it is suppose to populate the list with objects(graphobject) that we will get from our rest API list graph list. However, it requires the user to include it inside a dataview of sorts and we tried inputting the microflow in the field but it outputs the error message below we also tried to input the entity however it also gave us error as shown below and other errors like home web expects an object of type graph. COLUMN CHART properties :        Dataview container : Microflow in data view error : Error when using Context :    
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The error shows that the  context M/F does not returning the Required object check your context m/f once


The chart widget needs a context object. Normally, the shown chart data is related to this object, but you are always retrieving the same data in your datasource for the chart, so in your case you don't really need a dataview. But since the widget needs one, try to put it in a dataview (wrapper) that returns a non persistable object without any attributes. 

As a source for the dataview, create a microflow that creates on object of ChartWrapper and return it as object.

Now, within the chart flow, why are you persisting the graph objects? Since these will be created every time, there is no reason to do this (persuming that is what you want to do) , so make the graph entity non persistable and don't commit the create within the loop. 

This should work, but is only ideal if you always want to refresh the data points using the rest service.