Need to Set Dropdown - Dynamic Search Widget to not Default

I am using three Dropdown – Dynamic search widgets for a Data Grid I am using as shown below. However, those three controls are all setting to a default of empty. When the user starts a search in one of the other controls, all of the lines in the grid disappear because they don’t have any lines where that field is empty. It isn’t obvious to the user that they need to either remove the “Empty” check box or make some other selection in order to be able to see the expected search results. I need to find a way to EITHER remove the default “Empty” check OR select all of them by default. Is there a way to do this?  
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Hi Robert,

I believe you are using the grid search appstore component:

Is that correct?

If so, i am not aware of a customizable default search filter in that widget.

You may want to ask Eric if he maybe would add the feature, but in community supported components the components are as-is without guarantees for support.

I hope this helps,