Data Grid with checkbox

Hi Experts, I have  a requirement where business user is asking for a check box at the beginning of each row in a data grid to select multiple rows in it. is there a way to add checkbox at the beginning of each row in a data grid? I know Mendix provides multi select functionality either by clicking on the rows or by selecting rows by holding Ctrl key. But business is not satisfy with  that approach.   Thanks in advance for your help.   Veera
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I do not recommend adding actual checkboxes to your datagrid.

I have projects where I have ‘drawed’ checkboxes before datagrids rows with CSS using the :before & :after pseudoclasses. Mendix adds the selected class to rows that are selected so you can style accordingly.

Example of checkboxes drawn in CSS:

However, your best option is to use a listview widget or to wait for the new datagrid widget that Mendix has announced on Mendix World 2020