sidebar and topbar menu layouts

Is it possible to create a layout with a top menu bar and a collapsible side menu with the top menu being full width so that toggleable side menu only operates in the area below the top menu. I tried using a header widget to hold the top menu with a scroll container below, but get the error “For the sidebar toggle to work, the outermost widget on the layout must be a scroll container with a region that can be toggled”. This happens even if I set the left region of the scroll container to be toggleable. Version is actually 8.13.1 but the version list has still not been updated. thanks, peter
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Yes, quite easy 

  1. Open the Navigation layout Atlas_Default
  1. Open the properties of the layoutcontainer 
  2. Set Layout mode to Headline
  3. Set this layout for your pages
  4. Run and you are good to go