Using drop down without data view.

Hi, I’ve a page which shows up on clicking a link from the home page. So i cannot pass any entity to that page. On that page, i need three drop downs associated with 3 entities, let’s call them E1, E2, E3. relationship is many to one from E3 to E2, many to one from E2 to E1. The requirement is like this, first drop down should list down name attribute of E1. Whatever is selected, second drop down should show all associated entities E2 with selected entity E1. When name attribute of entity of E2 is selected from second drop down, then all associated E3 entities should be populated in third drop down. and based on whatever name attribute of entity E3 is selected, a data grid should be populated based on entity E3. This has to be on the page which shows up directly from home page of my application. so i cannot enclose this in a data view. Is there any widget that could help me with this?
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You can use a microflow as home page, which you can use to open a page with a page parameter.