Google Analytics Add-on Not Transmitting Data to Dashboard

I have downloaded the Google Analytics Mendix add-on and set it up with my G-xxx tag that I received. After about 2 days, I still have no data in the GA site. I downloaded the Google Tag Assistant add-on and the tag that is set up in Mendix does appear to be on the page, but is not transmitting any data. It says there is 1 pageview request, but in the tag assistant error box it says “Invalid or missing web property ID”. I have checked multiple times and the web property ID in Mendix is the same one as the Google Analytics site I am using. I’m not sure where to go from here.
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Mendix’s Google Analytics Add-On only works with a Universal Analytics tag, which Google Analytics does not provide users with by default anymore. In order to resolve this, when setting up your GA Dashboard, click “Show Advanced Options” under the “Property Setup” heading and there will be an option to receive a Universal Analytics tag. Make sure when you do this, you select the option to ONLY receive a Universal Analytics tag, or else you will still receive a G-xxx tag. Once you have your UA tag, simply enter it into Mendix and your website data should transmit to your GA dashboard.