Pass information to microflow from widget

I’ve got a TS widget that needs to call a microflow with some parameters. The microflow should be configurable by the user in the widget properties. At the moment I’ve got the following property defined: <property key="createShift" type="action"> <caption>Create shift Microflow</caption> <description></description> </property> In Mendix Studio Pro this gives me the ability to select a microflow. In TS the widget receives the ActionValue that it can call. However, the ActionValue does not seem to support additional arguments. How do I pass information created in the widget to the microflow?
1 answers
  1. Make a specific non persistent entity that can store all the specifics which need to be ported form the widget to your microflow.
  2. Give this microflow as an inputparameter this specific object.
  3. In the widget create an instance of that object with the Client API from Mendix and populate the correct attributes before feeding it as an inputparameter to the microflow being called in the widget.