Time series widget and PNG download, direct generation of system.image entity ?

Hello  We use the time series widget to represent different kind of time series of temperature graphs. In the plot area that is shown in the browser  when the widget is used, there is the option to download the resulting plot as a png plot. This plot is then saved as a file in your webbrowser.  Does anybody know if it is possible to generate a png plot and couple it directly to a system.image entity directly when the time serie widget is used ? The idea is to use the image from the widget in pdf report that is generated after the image is shown in a page. (E.g. show a action button “generate pdf report” under the image.) We now use the Plotly rest endpoint (https://docs.mendix.com/howto/front-end/charts-plotly-images-rest ) to generate a png file that is coupled directly to a system.image entity, that can be used to generated pdf report. The plotly rest server requires generation of JSONs with specific syntax and the number of images per day that can be retrieved is limited. Therefore,  it  would be more directly it the time series widget of Mendix itself could be used to generate a png file that is stored in a system.image entity.
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Hi Robert Jan,

You could manage to do that, yes. But you do need to change the widget (create an own version of the widget) to do that. The conversion to a PNG-image is done locally by the browser, so you would have to capture that image in the widget and instead of presenting it as a download, send it to the server for further processing. So, it will still be a manual step, I think.

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