Wizard Configuration Passing Details

Hello,  In making my wizard, I have it saving the objects as needed. However on my pages users must re-enter data to apply the needed conditions, for example I enter my customer details on page one, on my second page with part details, I have to re-select the applicable customer, so that custom pricing can be applied. When using a microflow as a source for a reference selector to auto fill it, it conflicts with “list” and “string” output needs.  In short when moving to a new page in the wizard, I want to confirm that all information is being associated to the correct order number and customer, how best do I ensure this is the case and carry this data over without the user having to manually re-enter details, so that the last page is a review page of all details put together? Thank you in advance
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So just to let me understand correctly, you have a wizardflow consisting of several pages?

Your first page will need to have an object as a page parameter, which you can then pass from the current/previous page to the next page.

If you've already selected a customer on a previous page, and thereby associated it with your page parameter, you can show that customer in a dataview over the association on the next page.


Another way to build a wizard quickly is to use just one page with conditional visibility in combination with an enumeration for the wizardsteps.