Is it possible to show icons/images in tree table widget

Hello buddies,  I am using tree table widget from App store. It is really a nice widget.  My client asked to show icons in tree table, it made me frustrated, I spent 1 week on it, didn’t get a way to make it.  I tried to add Java script code into index.html, execute it after modal popup to update the DOM, but failed, It can’t capture the Modal popup shown event.   following is my jQuery code, it doesn’t work, I think the reason is that DOM event is screened. Could anyone help? appreciate.  $("body").on("DOMNodeInserted", ".treeicon", function() {     $("td.treeicon").append(function() {         if ($(this).text() == "1") {             $(this).empty();             return "<img src=''>";         } else {             $(this).empty();             return "<img src='' >";         }     }); });    
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I haven’t tried this tree widget myself, but what I have done in the past is use an enumeration to show images for values in datagrids.  In the enumeration setup, you can link an image to each enumeration value.  You may then be able to show the enumeration image instead of the value.  I am not 100% sure if this will work for the tree widget, but worth a try.