Multi-select drop down widget

Hi all,  How can we create a multi-select drop down menu?  So far the drop down widget works but we can only select one item to upload to the user profile. In the properties pane we cannot select “allow multi selection” because it doesn’t show. In addition, we tried some downloads from the App Store but they often require a micro flow which is not necessary for what we are trying to achieve here.  We are using Mendix Studio Pro 8.15.2.     
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Hi Dominique,

I’m assuming the items you want to upload to the user profile, are objects (not enumerations). And you have a n – m relation between the two entities. If my assumptions are correct, here is how you can create multi-select functionality, although not in a drop down – might not answer your question.

The datamodel

The UserProfile with the multiselect option


After selecting