Microflow Timer | Nanoflow sometimes doesnt get called

Hi, On approving a request, I am showing a popup. I have included a microflow timer in the pop up page, that calls a nanoflow to close the popup page. Most of the times it works fine, but in between for some of the requests the nanoflow doesn’t get called. I captured the console logs for both successful and unsuccessful attempts Scenario 1: where pop up opens, nanoflow gets called and popup closes MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_0.update MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_0._runTimer 1000 MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_0._executeCallback from update MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_0._stopTimer MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_0._stopTimer timer cleared   Scenario 2: where popup opens, but nanoflow doesn’t get called and popup doesn’t get closed MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_1.update MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_1._runTimer 1000 MicroflowTimer_widget_MicroflowTimer_1._executeCallback from update Comparing both the scenarios, it seems that stopTimer doesn’t get called sometimes due to which nanoflow doesn’t get called.  Attaching screenshot for reference Please note that my nanoflow always Let me know if you have any idea on how to get around with this issue.   Thanks, Gaurish
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Have you tried using a Microflow, instead of Nanoflow for this specific action? I understand it is a client-side action, but it could also help you debug it, to see what happens (or not happens)