Need to Refresh Data grid with Microflow Data Source

Hi,   I have a requirement where I need to use a microflow to show data in a data grid as because I have some additional logic to perform on loading of the data. Inside the data grid I have a action button which is also having a microflow and ultimately updating the selected element from the grid.  But the problem is the grid is not refreshing instantly after executing the action microflow. By calling the source microflow explicitly from inside the action microflow is not working also.  I have to reload the page to see the updated grid.   Is there any way that I can refresh the grid instantly just after executing the action ?   Regards, Suman Sengupta
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In the microflow did you refresh the main object of the page? Dirty work around would be to close and open the screen again. So close it at the start and open it again at the end of the microflow.