Popup Menu or Dropdown Div Container - Conditional Visibility Error / Sufficient Permissions

Hello, I am having an issue with errors related to conditional visibility when using the new popup menu widget or the drop down div container.  When conditional visibility is set inside either of these widgets errors, the console shows an error like: An error occurred while evaluating value of RuleTracking.VotingState_Editor_ConvictionHandling.container1$visibility: Unable to get a member from variable $currentObject, because you do not have sufficient permissions to "XXX.TempState.Subject".   However, if I remove the popup menu or drop down div (and place the contents of that menu directly on the page), the conditional visibility works fine. A few things I notice… It is not a security/permissions issue.  I’ve got the variable used for conditional visibility displayed right on the page and the visibility works properly when placed outside the widgets.  (I also tested by bumping up rights to read/write on all attributes for the entities displayed).   The field referenced is not a member of the entity the error suggests it belongs to— there is no “XXX.TempState.Subject”.  The entity referred to is the page parameter entity.  The context entity for the menu is a different entity, which does contain the attribute “Subject”.   The error occurs whether I place the conditional visibility on a container or on a link calling a microflow.   The context object is not empty (I’m showing elements of it outside the popup container and the elements inside the widget that have no conditional visibility call MFs that expect the context object only (not a TempState) and which work properly (I have error checking for an empty object).   The page parameter entity is an NP, enclosing a data view (by MF) that encloses several other views (data views and lists by MF), though I tested the issue displaying the interior entity via association to the NP and then the other views via DB and/or x-path retrieve.  None of that seemed to resolve the issue, though I’m not sure it should matter.     This looks like a similar issue as these two posts: Unable to get a member from variable $dataView3, because you do not have sufficient permissions widget visibility conditions  Thanks in anticipation for any suggestions!
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