Google Maps Polygon Draw Function

  Hello everyone, I'm trying to use the Widget GoogleMapsPolygon, but am currently facing a few issues. For some reason I can't see any Polygons/Polylines loaded from the GeoObject. There is also no drawing interface, although I enabled draw inside of the widget. The given coordinate string seems to be respected by the map, since the Zoom level varies for different coordinates. But the coordinates are not displayed nor are the lines or anything else related to the draw function.  I would be thankful for any help :) (Mendix Studio Version 8.15.2)
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For drawing to work, three things need to be done:

  1. Place the Polygon widget inside a DataView which has a new Polygon entity. Make sure the CoordinatesString attribute of this object is still empty when navigating to the page
  2. Add an XPath constraint with id = CurrentObject in the widget XPath constraint setting on the DataSource tab of the widget
  3. Set ‘Enable Draw’ to ‘Yes’ in the widget settings

Thank you for your reply!

Setting the XPath constraint correctly did work for me and I’m now able to draw a Polygon. I was wondering if there is also an option to draw multiple Polygons inside of the map, because a photo inside of the documentation suggests so? Right now the draw tool disappears after drawing the first Polygon. Maybe adjusting the XPath constraint again? 

Hope you can help with that too