Quick way to convert numerous Textboxes to simple text widgets?

I’m in the middle of converting/migrating a Mx7.x project to Mx8 and one of the larger tasks is converting each Textbox to a basic text widget. The annoying thing of Textboxes is that they are seen, by CSS, as form-items. The project contains a lot of list views with table-like data, showing overview of financial information. Those aren’t form items, but just basic text spans. So in order to have consistent styling and appearance, I’m converting, by hand, each textbox to a simple text widget and that, doing that across many.. many(!) pages, is very time consuming. Therefor I was hoping if there perhaps was a quicker way of converting these. Who got some advice? Mx8.15.2
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I have not tried this myself but you could try the Mendix SDK to convert those. My other advise is to hire an intern to do the job ;)