How to use timeseries with mindshpere in mendix?

First of all, my English is not good. So, I hope you understand this. I study about mendix how to use mindsphere data. and i use guidline that is “Build a MindSphere app with Mendix”(url  :   Have followed guideline that is Ch6”.Adding a Time Series Chart”, Something went wrong. That is timeseries doesn't work well(What I want to do is show a timeseries chart corresponding to the asset.).   I've been trying for 10 hours to solve this problem but couldn't…...   First of all, the things I set are as follows. *mendix version :  JSON structure   2.  Import mapping & Domain model   3. Microflow  4. Access permission   5. Timeseries property & Timeseries item property   6. This is the result of running locally   7. Error befor click the asset button & Error after click the asset button       I have confirmed that timeSeriesdata exists.      I thought of two cases where the problem occurred. 1. microflow - I try : I thought that microflow couldn't get the timeseries data properly, so I tried the guidline several times as described, but the result was the same.   2. My inexperienced timeseries widget usage     How can I fix it? And I would appreciate it if you could tell us how to use the timeseries widget :)
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1.) The usage of the “timeseries widget” is demonstrated in the demo app “Siemens MindSphere Asset Monitoring Example”


2.) You have to debug your REST call. Add a breakpoint at “Log message (error)” and have a look at the variables $latestHttpResponse and $latestError