Buttons reverting from custom color to stock color after being clicked on

So for some reason my project’s having an issue with our buttons. Essentially we have them customized through I believe CSS to all be these different colors. However once we click the button, sometimes they’ll revert back to whatever the stock color was set for them when the button was first created. It happens more often when whatever it is the element is takes a while to load (for the most part our buttons are for going to the next page or the previous page). I’m not quite sure what could be causing this, and it’s difficult to isolate the specific buttons that it’s happening on because it’s very spotty when the issue pops up. Could this be a simple fix in a CSS file? Or is this something that can be fixed within any of the button settings? If anyone needs any clarifying details please let me know. Thanks so much! 
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If it (CSS class) is set as an attribute, you might want to check if you have committed it?