How to get the generated Deep Link

Hello All, I’m trying to use the Deep Link module to generate links to an entity. I plan to put these links in an exportable excel table that I already built using the built-in data grid method. I think I have set up all of the configuration microflows correctly, but I still don’t understand where the deep links are generated to and where are they stored. How do I generate the actual links and store them in an attribute, so that I can then use them in the excel?
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You can get the Deeplink module to pass a parameter to a microflow. This can be an ID or any other token you create that you can use to retrieve the entity and show a page.

You can also use the built in URL functionality on a page. The ID you need for the link is the ID of the entity in the page parameter. You can get his using the Community Commons getGUID Java action.

Hope this helps.


When and where you execute the microflow to generate and store the URL is up to you.

Question is; When is the data known to generate the deeplink? 

When certain data is entered, retrieved, set? add the microflow you created as sub-microflow in that process.