Template Grid Widget - Need to display message when no search records are pulled

Team, We use Template Grid widget in our application, where records are pulled using Xpath. As we know at Search bar users can be able to search based on certain entity attributes. However when no records are pulled/matched, then there is no message displays at grid level. Could you pls share inputs, if we have a way to achieve this ? Note: we tried with this suggested point at this forum – https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/96161 , but we don’t see it is helping us. our mendix modeler: 8.12.1 Thanks.
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The CSS solution in the link you posted should work. For adding CSS, there are a few things to consider

Create a folder custom inside theme/styles/web/css/ of your project directory. Create a file custom.css.

Add the mentioned CSS in your posted link in this file. 

Make sure in your theme/settings.json file, your custom.css file is included under the “cssFiles” as shown below

"cssFiles": [

Now you can edit custom.css, save it. Run your app again then you will see the changes.
For further debugging, try inspect element feature of the browser to see if CSS styles are applied on the template grid HTML element.