Used  Generalization with one entity for two entities.  for example there is an entity X. created a generalization for the entity Y with entity X. again created generalization for entity Z with entity X. It did not give any errors but using $currentobject for visibility for entity Y its working.  the same logic is giving errors for Z entity reference. An error occurred while evaluating visibility expression: Unable to get a member from variable $currentObject, because you do not have sufficient permissions to    Is this because of Generalization? Please let me know if any face this type of issue? Thanks in advance.    
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I think: yes. As I understand from your description, X is the big boss and both Y and Z are a specialization of X.

To have rights to see Z, make sure your user has a project role that is associated with a module role that has all the necessary read-access defined in the entities of both X and Z.


Additionally to Tim’s answer;

Access rights on the Specialization (Y & Z in your case) are in charge for their respective objects including the inherited attributes & associations. 

Access rules specified on the generalization (x) only apply for objects which are 100% X objects, not having a specialization part.

In above examples A user with these access rights will only be able to READ OpenQuestions Description, Answertype & Answer. (RED object/Records)

While the same user can WRITE Questions Description & AnswerType (BLUE object/Record)

More explanantion can be found in this learning path: