Data Grid Search Filter for Enum -LOV Issue

Team, We are using Data-Grid to pull the records on to screen and at Search bar we use enum attribute as LOV list and it resulted as below, where an (empty) option/value listed.   however the Enum defined doesn’t contain any empty entry, could you pls let us know your thoughts on this behavior and how to remove that.    Modeler: 8.12.1   Thanks.    
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Hi Ashok,

See if this app store module ( helps you.

Otherwise we are using one in our current project, I can ask the concerned developer to upload it in Appstore and can share it.


He Ashok,

Could it be that at least one of the records you show in the datagrid does have an empty value as Order Status? In that case, I think the LOV shows this empty value option (allowing you to select records with an empty value).