ListView Widget - LoadMore Button behaviour

Team, Could you pls let us know, the behavior of “LoadMore” action at Listview widget. Does it refresh query to whole list  or it just pull a few more records from next list ? i..e  Assume we have listview uses XPath – and set pageSize to 3. In this case when we click on “Load-More” button does it re-execute query to pull total 6-records or it just pull 3 more records from DB and shows at page  ?   We trying to identify how it impacts page performance, as it keep the objects added to user screen and we cannot control the max limit in anyway.   Thanks.
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Not a direct answer to your question, but youo should be able to find out easily by using the logging on a running app.

Just open the console tab and select the advanced menu and set the log levels for example on the ConnectionBus_Query to a lower level. This should provide the query that is being created and used and will tell you if the next batch is retrieved or the whole of the records being displayed.


Thank you Erwin, it really helped to understand the behavior.

I did below steps:

   1) Enabled ConnectionBus_Retrievewith log-level as Trace.

   2) Tried to pull Listview records using page-size as 3.

Default Listview load of records, shown limit as 3 and offset value as 3:


After clicking LoadMore button, shown limit as 3 and offset value as 6:


After again clicking LoadMore button, shown limit as 3 and offset value as 9:


Summary: Loadmore action at ListView(xPath), only fetches incremental records not whole list of records.