How is the labeling functionality created in the old SprintR?

Hi   I am wondering how the old labeling functionality in the old SprintR functionality is created within Mendix? With this I mean the following; I did not figure out the following; - lookup in a small popup when writing (seem like an adjusted combosearch or something custom?) - making a badge of a known label (seems to require some javascript or so?)
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This is accomplished with app 292 from the appstore. It is described here in the mendix docs.

After having downloaded and installed the AppStore app 'Label selector' to your application's project in MxStudio Pro:

* Create a persistable entity named Label
* Add attributes:
** Caption
** Color
* Associate the entity Label to the entity that you want label, say MyLabeledEntity. Make it *-*, with navigation set to 'Both'.
* Set the Access rules of entity Label
* On a page showing a dataview of MyLabeledEntity, add the widget to the dataview
* Set the properties 'entity' and 'Caption' of the widget to MyLabeledEntity->Label and ->Caption
* Set property "Behavior->Show labels" to yes.

Now the label functionality is operational. Some next steps are:
* Create the overview pages for entity Label, so you can maintain the label, modify the colors or delete duplicates etc.
* Improve interaction by adding microflows to AfterCreate and OnChange to the properties of the widget


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