Radio Button List Not Adhering to the Boundaries of Grid After Update to 8

We recently upgraded from 7.23.3 to 8.17. This, of course, required a lot of styling/theme updates. Almost everything has gone smoothly except for the radio button list. This control has the list oriented horizontally and sits inside the column of a layout grid. In version 7, the list wraps and remains within the boundaries of the column. However, in version 8, it spills under the columns to the right See the images of version 7 hand 8. How do I get this to work, without having a vertical list? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,        
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Hi John,

I guess this is a bug in the new Atlas UI and would be worth sending to Mendix Support.

You can fix this by adding ‘flex-wrap: wrap;’ to the mx-radiogroup div (one or two levels below the mx-radiobuttons element). 

Hope this helps.