Matrix widget display decimals as entry field output

Hi Jelte, I’m studying how to use the Matrix widget you built. I made my own project with the same data model you have provided and the same microflow setup.  I’ve managed to get the row tree working and the columns. I’ve made a list of entries and I’m using the DS_GetEntriesForRowAndColumns microflow to load them into the widget.  In my entries, I’ve put a value in the decimal field of the entry as per the data model. I’m not using the Title field. When the matrix shows on the screen, all the rows work, they expand and show their children. The column headers I made also work. But, the entries do not show anything. It could of course be a logic error I’ve made in making the entries. However, my question is this. When I look in the entry configuration tab of the matrix I can only pick text items for the title field. Does this mean I cannot show the other fields in the entry entity, like the integer, or decimal fields? Can I only show content from text fields in the intersections of rows and columns?
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