Date Range Filter in Graph/Pie Chart Report

Hi guys, Anyone know how to put date range filter in column graph or pie chart? Thank you.
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In order to add a filter, you must setup an entity(could be non persistant) with for example a date attribute as filter.

Put the entity in a dataview(maybe use a datasource mf) and put the charts in the dataview.
Then on change of setting the datafilter create a microflow that refresh your dataview entity.

For the charts create datasource microflows that use your dataview entity as a parameter and handle the filtering with your attribute.

This way you will get filtered data in your charts.


Hello Maarten,

I just saw your comment and I have got nearly the same problem.

I have got a “Time series” widget, which is showing some data from my mindsphere assets.

I get this data using a REST Call in a microflow.


Now I add the function, that I can pick the time range which data should be displayed.

I tried like you explained above, but honestly I don’t know exactly what to do. Can you please help?