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Hello everyone, I’ve been working on an app and using the Atlas_UI and on Atlas_UI_Resources I’m using the HybridPhone_Sidebar that has a  navigationList.  Here I’m trying to add a widget within one of the list items that needs a progress bar.  The first widget we used to do this was the “Clickable Container” and the progress bar works but I noticed that it stops a part of what the navigationList does and that’s to highlight the menu item you’ve selected.  This only happens on mobile but the highlighting feature does work for Desktop.  In inspecting the “Clickable Container” more I realized that the widget.js has this about the “Clickable Container” widget. Clickable Container: _setupMfClick: function() { this.connect(this.domNode.parentNode, "click", function(e) { // Only on mobile stop event bubbling! this._stopBubblingEventOnMobile(e); I’m guessing this is what’s causing the problem but not for sure.   What I also found out is that I tried to use the “Call microflow button” to use the Microflow settings to add the progress bar it also works the same way as the “Clickable Container” widget.   Can someone help me with this?  At the moment I’m using Mendix Studio Pro 8.0.   Thank you.   Sam...  
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This seems like something that the creators of the progressbar will be happy to change for you, as they mention on their appstore-page:

“We are actively maintaining this widget, please report any issues or suggestion for improvement at https://github.com/mendixlabs/progress-bar/issues”

Since this seems a bug of some sort, this is probably your best shot.