DataView refresh issue while using Listen to widget

I am showing a button/Image in the list view and on click of the list view record I am showing the related data in the data view using Listen to widget. On click of the button in the list view for the first time, data is being shown in the data view, from the second (next) record, on click of the button in List view the data is not getting refreshed in data view. Basically list view record is not getting selected while clicking on a button in List view. Could please suggest how to refresh a data view on click of this button?
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I just reproduced your setup with a list view and a button inside the listview. The dataview listens to the listview.

Clicking on the button does refresh the dataview. Be aware that my button does not perform any actions, maybe your button does?

When the action behind the button performs a refresh of the entity that you show in the listview, the list is rebuild and if this is set to select the first row, no change is shown in the dataview as the first row is selected again after the button click. Maybe this is the same in your case?