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Hi, I am not able to access the *-* association in list view. Is there any limitation with list view that we cannot use *-* association. I tried a lot but the *-* association is not visible when I’m trying to access it. But in Data Grid when I’m trying to access it I can access *-* association easily. In my project there is a need of list view. So If somebody can suggest someway in which we can access *-* association in list view. I am using Mendix version 8.12.1.
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Hi Prakhar,

If you want to show associated objects in a list view, you can use the * - * association. However, you have to put a list view or a datagrid in the list view itself, because you want to show a list.

So for every object you show in a listview, a list of objects will be displayed.

If you want a single field just like in a datagrid, then unfortunately it will not work with standard components.

I hope this helps.


Hey Prakhar,

if you want to do what Sjors says, then he is right

if you want to show a singular item:

- Use a DataSource microflow on a dataview that is within your listview in which you retrieve the specific object you are looking for based on criteria you want.

If you have any questions, do comment!


Hi Prakhar,

You have to use listview to show a list by using  * - * association.

You can also use * - * association with Data source Microflow.