What is the best Widget to allow for multiple operations on a row of data?

Hi, I am fairly new to Mendix and am trying to figure out how to support multiple user operations on a row of data. I work on enterprise IT applications. Below is a simple example of the types of behaviors I am trying to support. Rows 1 and 2 represent data that exists in the system. For this data, the user may want to edit it, delete it, or modify it with a checkbox selection. Row 3 represents a set of inputs that would allow a user to add more data to the system.  I’ve tried the Data View, Data Grid, Template Grid, and List View, all with mixed levels of success.  Is there a data widget that is recommended for this type of complex interaction with data? 
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Hello Janet,

based on your example, the list view would be the widget that comes to mind. Data grids have the option for inline editing, however I find this does not provide the best user experience. The template grid is read only, so does not allow for inline editing. You write that you had mixed levels of success using the list view. What exactly did not work the way you wanted it to?


Hi Janet,

Thorsten is right, the best (only) way to achieve this is to use a list view.
Check this blog post for some ideas on how to style the listview to look like a table https://www.notion.so/gajduk/The-road-to-responsive-tables-in-Mendix-f8a1de4595634167bd489c48b565fbe1


You can also look at the new data grid widget (still in beta) – it seems to support multiple row actions




Thank you both, I appreciate your answers. I would have accepted them both but the system only allows me to accept one :)

The blog post is very helpful. I have styled a list view to look like a table, but I may try again using the flex approach, which looks easier than what I did.

I think most of the challenges I have with list view are due to my inexperience with Mendix. Now that I know it's the right approach, I will pursue making it work. Thanks again.