Dynamically display Menu Document for Menu Bar on a Page

Hi Everyone Is it possible to dynamically call a Menu document for a page selected from Menu bar which is the same as the Landing page? (I am not using Project navigation and its Role based view)  I have used a microflow which filters tenants based on their type and directs them to a different landing page based on their type (defined by a boolean as shown below): Each landing page has a different menu bar each having a different source menu document. Example: Manufacturing Tenant's User's Landing Page   Construction Tenant's User's Landing page   Construction item1 and Manufacturing Item1 lead to the same page called "Tasks". How do i display the Menu widget corresponding to each Tenant shows on the Tasks page? I do not want to create multiple pages for each Tenant.  
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Hi Ajit,

Kindly check the below url which has the solution for your forum question